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Any kind of water damage, from a flood to a leaky pipe, can cause mold growth in your home. Furthermore, due to the high humidity here on Bainbridge Island, mold can even begin to grow if your house is not properly ventilated.

So If you have noticed any type flooding or leaking within the home, if you’ve noticed patches of mold within the house, or maybe if your family is feeling ill and you are not sure why, a mold inspection from Bainbridge Mold Inspection can assist in giving you peace of mind by identifying any and all sources of mold and providing you with a transparent plan to remove it. Don’t attempt to clean it up yourself – some types of mold are extremely toxic and need specific removal methods that ought to only be completed by a licensed mold remediation company.
We provide both Mold Assessment & Mold testing. A Washington State Licensed Mold Professional will perform an intensive inspection using state of the art equipment, also as take samples which will be sent to our private laboratory for testing. Once the results are ready, you’ll receive a report detailing the analysis, as well as next steps to remediate any mold found.
If you’ve seen mold within the house, or if you think that it’s there, give us a call 206-672-2410 or submit your appointment request online today. Our licensed mold professionals will assess things and advise you of the simplest way to eliminate the mold.

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